Psychic Tarot Reader

   I offer honest, straightforward tarot readings on all areas of life. I am very direct in my approach and prefer to work with specific questions. I tell you exactly what I get, be it positive or negative and guidance to help change things if you don't like the outcome you are seeing. I also offer timeframes for my predictions. Most customers have found my timeframes to be accurate

    I have been doing professional readings since 2003. I have helped thousands of customers through my readings.

  Phone, chat and email readings are available. To book a readings, please make a payment then call 850-583-1742 or email starbreezetarot@yahoo.com. Appointments are usually available within 24 hours. Paypal buttons to purchase a reading are below.

Available Readings

  10 Minute 

  Reading by   Phone or chat            $35.00

  30 Minute 

  Reading by   Phone or chat            $75.00

  1  Single Question Answered by Email